Jun 5 2014

A Few Secrets to More Facebook Page Likes

Creating a Page on Facebook takes only a few minutes of your time, however, the real challenge starts when it comes to getting more Likes for your Page. Of course there is competition to rise about the din and get noticed since more than three million fan pages exist, so far. Are you aware of any strategies for amassing more likes for your FB fan page? The following article takes you through three unique ideas that help you make your Page popular.

Online readers are very tired of poor content, and so you can gain a great advantage by simply giving them terrific content. Do not neglect getting your blog or static site ‘like’ friendly by placing the buttons your visitors will need. All you can do is publish highly valuable information that your audience needs, and when you do that it may pay off for you. There will never be any end to the hunger for information, and so that is all you need to keep doing. If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’ll know that there are always ads showing up for Facebook pages by different companies and individuals. This is the paid route to getting more Fans to your Page. Obviously there will be a cost incurred here, but take a look at how large your market is and see what you think. Be sure you use what is available at Facebook for ultra precision demographics with your ad campaigns. Facebook has collected all kinds of information on its users, as you may know, and they use that to help you refine your campaigns. Another interesting aspect of this is that fan pages have a higher conversion rate than a direct selling approach. If you have any customers or an email list, then inform them that you have a fan page and ask them to become a member. The value of your business relationships with all of your readers cannot be overstated.

Let’s take a look at something that is more offline, and that is the use of business cards. Always take advantage of anything you can to promote, and getting your own unique business cards made does not cost much at all.

You can Google business cards or even use Vista Print as they have a great reputation. If you want to look professional, then give this strategy a try and see the difference.

Sit down and write out an entire campaign for advertising your Facebook Page, and then take action on it.

Jun 2 2014

Facebook Contest

Det här skriver jag för dem som ännu inte har räknat ut eller snarare förstått vikten av Facebook-tävlingars (Facebook Contests) verkan eller rättare sagt inverkan på sina Facebook- sidor! En Facebook-sida med tävlingar drar till sig mångdubbelt så många besökare än vilket annat alternativ som helst! Det är faktiskt ganska lätt att klura ut varför? Tävlingar drar till sig folk för att det har något med spännigen att göra! Statestiken visar på att de flesta av oss inte kan låta bli att trycka i alla fall på länkar som bjuder oss på någon form av tävling! Och det är detta som gör det att sidor med så kallade Facebook Contests har så många följare som dem gör! Då kommer frågan att handla om vilken Facebook-Contests leverantör som man väljer och inte om man ska välja ha tävlingar på sin sida eller inte! Efter att ha surfat en hel del på Google så har jag konstaterat att det finns hur många leverantörer som helst att välja, men om ni tar och tittar på en som jag i alla fall tycker att utan tvekan är den bästa så kommer ni själva att förstå varför jag har valt just denna! Gå in på ClickAppy.com och se med egna ögon vad skillnaden är! Lycka till! 😉

Oct 14 2013

Vote for the best Facebook app generator!

This is actually very important! Because If you do not know what kind of Facebook app generator that has to be used, a lot could go wrong, therefor It becomes even more important to get a real grasp of the whole concept of making a Facebook app! To be honest making apps can be if you do not have quite the track become very expensive! Too many so-called Facebook app generators cost a lot to use, therefore, one must be on guard all the time and choose the right Facebook app generator! For me it’s all about one Facebook app maker that without doubt counts and that is ClickAppy! If you have not heard of it before then it is time to sniff your way to this fantastic Facebook app generator now! Believe me, you’ll regret it otherwise! For the fact is, that for the moment it is free to use ClickAppy! Do not you think this is a good suggestion than I do not know what to say more! Only one thing; blame yourself! 🙂

Mar 12 2013


As you have already figured out this track monitor is focusing more on bicycle training. However there is nothing hindering you from using this app while running. It got the same features as other track monitoring apps, you are able to share and sort data all the way you want. The announcement feature seems a bit unique and could be use full while running your bike at speeds. While running it could be of use as well if you got your earplugs perhaps listening to music you may as well get information on your progress.

Avalible for iPhone only.

Feb 26 2013


The good old reliable GPS tracker will not disappoint you. With a solid 4+ rating on both GooglePlay and AppStore this app is up to what is promised.
If you like to let your Facebook friends know everything about your training this is the app for you.
Is this not enough for you? How about throwing your route up to your twitter account with a tap on the screen? Facebook, Twitter or other RunKeeper friends yes there is a RunKeeper community to. Let them all take part of your greatness. Of course you don’t need to do all this if don’t want to. Maybe you just want to set up goals for yourself and add motivation that way. Lots of configurations to build up your goal settings is available and you might consider this app your personal pocket trainer.

Get the free version here for iPhone or here for Android.

Feb 26 2013


All in one Android and Facebook application. Keeping track on your training and then lets you brag on your achievement via Facebook. GPS gather data on your movement and plots a nice map with time stamps and all that you find interesting for use and motivation. Then what? Post the map and data on Facebook to let your competitors know what is up and your couch potatoe friends know you are no longer on the sofa team.  This may sounds complicated for some users. It is not. Just hit send to Facebook and it’s done.

This app is not out on Android market where it will enter soon.
Here are the screen shots handyrunner.com from the Android part of the app.
And the main site runningahead.com

Feb 12 2013

embware – Call Blocker

Embware – Call Blocker or just Call Blocker since this one of the older apps in the genre. This is the most popular app for blocking. And over all users are satisfied with the result. However it seams to lack popularity outside of US.

You will find Call Blocker on GooglePlay here.

Feb 12 2013

Call Control – Call Blocker

This call blocker is community driven. Ordernary people is keeping the “blacklist” database updated on a daily base.
When you download Call Control – Call Blocker you get the full version that will after 14 dasys switch to lite version. However the lite version is quite limited and you will have to buy the “pro”/standard – version to keep it updated and that would be $14.

Feb 12 2013

Mr. Number-Block

Mr. Number makes it easy to block calls and texts, reverse lookup phone numbers and get more info about US businesses that call your mobile phone.
Many tailored features here. Taikored for US that is and probably not the right app for a non US user.

Check out and maybe try this free app here.

Feb 12 2013

NetQin Call Blocker

The latest Call Blocker
Block unwanted calls now and protect your privacy. Now with more advanced features. NetQin Call Blocker now also protect your personal information. You will no longer have to worry about privacy leak with this app in your phone. Some crashing reports has been filed however this app is still used by many.

NetQin Call Blocker at GooglePlay